Malakaï sargaent

Malakai Sargeant

Malakaï is a writer, producer and director guy who works bare within theatre to promote inclusivity within the performing arts sector. You can find him sitting in a lot of meetings, often as the only brown person, staring blankly while pretending to take notes. Really, he's probably jotting down ideas for a poem, play or essay about gentrification, black masculinity, being sad for no reason or his nan. He is an alumni of the Barbican Young Poets collective, and currently co-runs poetry movement Veranda and is Co Executive Director of The S+K Project.




in Connections & Crossroads


Malakaï said "I was making these pieces of music at a time where I definitely hadn't found my calling, in terms of the genre of music I wanted to produce, whether I wanted to produce music at all and just generally in the grand scheme of life (I was around 13/14, though, so surely that's expected?). That being said, I feel like these unmastered songs from my iPad somehow seem to connect and fuse multiple genres, which is reflective of me attempting to connect the dots of my tumultuous life at the time. I promise I wasn't on drugs, just confused.