Inside // Outside

Our second exhibition focuses on the meaning of the interior and the exterior and contains written words, images, videos and sounds to convey what this means to each of the featured artists.

At this early stage in our journey together as artists and with our audience, this theme seems appropriate as it naturally lends itself to answering the question of how much of ourselves do we choose to share or hide.

Furthermore, this theme asks the question how does what we choose to express affect how we come across. Importantly, however, this is a result of the perceptions of the audience as much as the artist.

by Adjani Salmon

Dreaming Whilst Black is a 9-part comedy web series that follows a young, passionate, but naive filmmaker, Kwabena, who struggles to navigate between his dreams and reality.

Episode 1: My Name is Kwabena - We meet Kwabena working as a runner on a big film set, where he's the only person of colour, and no one seems to be able to pronounce his name correctly.

Adjani said “this piece of work highlights the facade that some of us have to go through in order to survive financially. Micro-aggressions, covert and overt forms of discrimination and generally not valuing those at the bottom of the food chain, breed an anger within those at the bottom who just want to be seen as human. We get a glimpse of the internal thoughts of Kwabena, but this is juxtaposed with the reality of what he has to do, in order to keep his job.”


He said “Silk is a project that tries to reclaim an era where people danced, where they weren’t so aware of themselves, unlike in this age of social media. In light of the jazz era, where men were inspired and moved by colour and fabric and texture, Silk is a celebration of the 21st century man seeing himself, as opposed to via a certain lens.

I guess Silk tries to blur the lines between inside and outside, inclusion and exclusion. I think Silk does this by demonstrating the true essence of expression at a time where youth, music, and fashion were alive in popular culture. As young people part of a newer generation, these forms of self-expression bring a sense of nostalgia and have a way of highlighting the pressures on our own ability to do this within our social media culture.”

by Louis VI

He said "this song is about turning everything inside out. Jazz is fundamental to most contemporary music right now and I feel like we created something unique with this one by showing how easily it fits with something that's closer to a trap or grime tempo. More metaphorically, it relates to the theme of inside and outside because how you hold yourself inside is how you are going to be perceived and eventually dealt with outside. For example, the line ‘we all made full of atoms, don't let your government try snatch ‘em or police when they draw the baton...’ shows the importance of knowing your worth inside and not letting anyone dictate that from the outside."

by Arnold Chukwu

It may become something one day It may not.
Maybe I'll record in a studio one day But maybe not.
For now I've got voice memos, There's always a way.

~ Reference ~
Hummed and Murmured on a snowed in day in February.

How's it feel to climb? Badly, need batteries

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