Connections & Crossroads

This exhibition focuses on the theme of 'connections and crossroads' and contains written words, images, videos and sounds to convey what this means to each of the featured artists.

It seems appropriate to launch the website with this exhibition theme as we mark the end of a journey which has connected us all with each other, and now with a larger audience.

Moreover, we reach a crossroads in that our individual paths, ideas and influence converge and can take a number of directions going forward, as is always the case after making a connection.

by Arnold Chukwu

The track was recorded on the eve of Black History Month and is an improvisational jazz session that took place between three musicians in the basement of a bakery in Peckham, South East London.

Audio extracted from an Martin Luther King speech can be heard over this, a soundbite from a time when he too like so many black Americans were at a crossroads.

Arnold played saxophone in this recording of the session and it was later mixed by engineer, DJ and Drummer on the track Amadeusz.

by Adjani Salmon

His Father’s Son is a short film about Jimmy, a teenager struggling to be seen as a man in his father’s eyes. Jimmy is emotionally connected to his English mother, but craves a connection his Jamaican father who he physically looks like. They struggle to bridge the gap between their cultural differences to build a relationship with each other.

By Malakaï Sargeant

He said "I was making these pieces of music at a time where I definitely hadn't found my calling, in terms of the genre of music I wanted to produce, whether I wanted to produce music at all and just generally in the grand scheme of life (I was around 13/14, though, so surely that's expected?). That being said, I feel like these unmastered songs from my iPad somehow seem to connect and fuse multiple genres, which is reflective of me attempting to connect the dots of my tumultuous life at the time. I promise I wasn't on drugs, just confused.