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Arnold Chukwu AKA Ghosta Sol is a Writer, Director and Humourist from South East London.

He has spent years sharpening his writing and performance skills, performing poetry and comedy at various venues around London.

He recently began to pursue acting after training at the Old Vic Summer School in 2017 and is now set to direct a short film in the new year with funding from the Arts Council England.




in Connections & Crossroads

The track "Cinnamon Tree Bakery Session" was recorded on the eve of Black History Month and is an improvisational jazz session that took place between three musicians in the basement of a bakery in Peckham, South East London.

Audio extracted from an MLK speech can be heard over this, a soundbite from a time when he too like so many black Americans were at a crossroads.

Arnold played saxophone in this recording of the session and it was later mixed by engineer, DJ and Drummer on the track Amadeusz.

in Inside // Outside

It may become something one day It may not.
Maybe I'll record in a studio one day But maybe not.
For now I've got voice memos, There's always a way.

~ Reference ~
Hummed and Murmured on a snowed in day in February.

How's it feel to climb? Badly, need batteries

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