(In)Space is a collective of young, black British, male creatives, who aim to take their work into new spaces and simultaneously attract new audiences into them.

The emphasis is on fostering collaboration, exploring ideas and developing inter-disciplinary approaches. The collective also aims to make sure young black artists can make careers from their work. More broadly, (In)Space is a means for young black men to have their different voices heard in order to foster understanding and unity in Britain today.

While we appreciate the power of the internet to connect people with one another, we see this website as a springboard for further interaction and encourage you to reach out to artists using the contact details provided on their pages.

Please contact creativesinspace@gmail.com if you'd like to feature as an artist and have your work displayed on the site.

Lastly, we’d like to put you in the direction of an academic research project that Rose Moyinga, a former student at UCL, wrote on (In)Space. It’s well worth a read if you’d like to know more about us.